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JSEcoin Reviewed (why I won’t be investing)

by Crypto Coin Dude
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So a couple of weeks ago I reviewed JSEcoin

I thought that the concept was great, but after trying it I won’t be investing any further. And here’s why…

First, what is JSEcoin?

JSEcoin is a javascript embedded cryptocurrency.

Anyone with a website or web browser can mine this cryptocurrency.

At the moment, JSEcoin is Pre-ICO and thus presents an opportunity to be an early adopter and potentially make substantial gains further down the line… well that’s what I thought, but…

JSEcoin reviewed – Why it doesn’t get my vote

There are a number of issues I found with JSE coin when I added it to my crypto blog:

  1. JSEcoin adds a banner to the bottom of your webpage to tell visitors that they are mining on their browser. This has a number of problems. Either visitors (from my feedback) don’t like being used for others’ profit or they are worried about using up their CPU power.
  2. Whatever the reason, my readers, at least, were left rather unimpressed.
  3. Although an onscreen notification is supposed to meet your obligations to inform users that they are mining, it feels like a blatant attempt at self-promotion on JSEcoin’s behalf.
  4. The other feature where you can mine your own coins is pretty much a waste of time. Your computer could be left mining 24/7 and you will earn a paltry amount of coins. Will this earning potential get more difficult as time goes on? Yes!

Like all webmasters, our readers are kings and queens… to be revered and cherished. JSecoin didn’t seem to improve that relationship only impoverish it.

I decided to air my concerns on the JSEcoin website forum, only to find that their website was down for two days straight. If I had invested heavily in their tech, this would be very concerning.

I, for one, won’t be revisiting JSEcoin until these issues are addressed. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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