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10 ways to make money from crypto: revealed!

by Crypto Coin Dude
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2019 is a new year for crypto. We are still in a bear market, but the green shoots of growth are starting to appear. Crypto has always been a great area in which to make money. 2019 will be no different. This post will guide you through crypto money-making ideas for 2019. So if you want to earn some money on the side, or even make a full-time living from it, dive right on into this post.

1. Adopt an investment mind set

The bottom of a bear market is a great time to buy and accumulate an asset. The best strategy is to build a strong position in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Supplement this core holding with a smaller position in high-growth altcoins. Low valued projects with real products we like are: OWN, REN, RVN, BFT.

If you take a long-term view, the chances that your investment will grow in the upcoming years is high.

 2. Content creation

Creating content is a great way to make money in crypto. One of the most accessible options is to create a blog. Whether this is on a starter platform like Weebly.com, or a more advanced platform like WordPress.org, a cryptocurrency blog is a great way to monetize.

I personally use Siteground for all my sites and they are well worth a look.

Start your journey by creating quality content. Build a community of readers who will share your content. Then brands will approach to promote their products. Maybe you can even write an Ebook on making money from Bitcoin and crypto like us. They say write once and earn forever which is very true with Ebooks. Having passive income for life sounds pretty cool to us!

If you have a skill set in making videos, then Vlogging on sites like Youtube.com is another great money-making route.

The ultimate secret ingredient besides generating quality content…is stamina!  Creating quality content consistently is how crypto money-making is done.

 3. Affiliate schemes

From content creation, the next logical money-making step is to join an affiliate scheme. Having a content platform is a real strength for earning crypto from referrals.

Becoming a crypto affiliate is a great money-making method, especially due to the crypto market being relatively new.

An affiliate programme works by an agent sending referrals to a platform. Then earning a percentage of what that person spends.

It’s a win-win for everyone. It grows the companies’ revenue and traffic and in turn they grow your earnings.

Popular platforms with affiliate programmes include: Coinmama, Coinbase, CEX, eToro, Trezor.

One affiliate scheme I have ha good result with is signing people up to CoinMetro exchange. Not only is it a solid and safe exchange but they pay worthwhile affiliate commissions.

4. Mining

Crypto mining in the early days of crypto was a great way to make money. Moving into 2019, we’d recommend for the average crypto user to stay away from this activity if you want to make money.

Crypto mining is the preserve of large operations in low electricity price corners of the world.

Even then, the big boys are struggling. For example, Bitmain is the largest cryptocurrency mining company on the planet. In December 2018, Bitmain fired their entire Bitcoin Cash development team and over 50% of its workforce.

If you are interested in building mining rigs from a personal challenge aspect, then this is still a fun enterprise. From a money-making perspective, not so.

5. Faucet farming

Faucet farming of crypto is a fun way to earn. It involves clicking buttons on a website to earn a small amount of a given cryptocurrency.

If you have a talent for building an affiliate network and signing people up, there is a good chance you can earn well on sites such as cryptotab.com.

6. Staking

The validation of blocks in the crypto ecosystem is done by two main methods: Proof of Work and Proof of Stake.

Proof of Work is a consensus exemplified by Bitcoin where computational power verifies blocks. As discussed in this post, set-up and electricity costs are high.

In comparison, Proof of Stake method or ‘staking’, doesn’t require such an expensive outlay.  A certain amount of a coin is purchased, which are then staked.

A wallet and node is created. The coins are sent to the node which are used to verify transactions on the blockchain.

This is a passive form of income generation and serves as a great introduction into some core crypto learning’s

Popular currencies you can stake are NAV Coin, Neo, Lisk, Ark and PIVX.

7. Airdrops

Airdrops are where a cryptocurrency platform distributes cryptocurrency tokens to the wallets of users free of charge.

Airdrops are usually carried out by crypto-based start-ups after the minting of their coins to increase the project’s exposure and create liquidity.

Additionally, established crypto-based enterprises like cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet services can also carry out airdrops as well. For a full discussion on how to find a crypto airdrop, then check out Crypto Airdrops 101.

8. Gig economy

Gig economy platforms allow participants to get rewarded in cryptocurrency for completing jobs.

These jobs are completed in a short amount of time by the user through activities such as: sharing content, writing, signing up for services, reviewing products…

There are a number of gig economy websites out there such as Coinbucks and Bituro.

9. Make money from crypto bounties

A bounty is a simple task or job created by a coin developer that you carry out to earn free coins usually before an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Bounties can be found at Bitcointalk.org

Tasks can involve creating content, sharing social media posts or adding signatures to posts in forums. The tasks are usually easy to complete and the higher your ranking on the platform the more you get paid.  

As a disclaimer, it’s worth noting that the decline of the retail market in crypto has led to ICO bounties increasingly becoming less profitable. This is one that you’d need to try out to see if it can pay against your investment of time.

 10. Make money from crypto day trading

If you want to graduate to the more professional ways of making-money from crypto, then you can become a day trader. This is not an easy way to make money in crypto. The gains can be high, but also the loses can be high too. It is always best to start with a practice account and move to real crypto trading once you have learned the basics such as charting and market placed drivers of price change.

To support day trading, Telegram signals channels have grown in popularity. These channels range in quality from strong to poor. They track market changes and employ teams of chartists to signal when the time is right to buy a crypto for profit. Some of these channels are paid and some are free. The trick is to find one which has a high success rate should this be of interest.

There are many popular Bitcoin Forex brokers. Other popular sites to try day trading on are Binance and Bittrex.

And that’s our round up of the Top 10 crypto money-making ideas for 2019. There are many more ways not covered in this post, but these are the ones that have worked well for us. Good luck on your crypto earning journey.

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