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3 explosive ICOs for 2018 ready for blast off

by Crypto Coin Dude
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Hi guys, welcome to my latest blog post which will uncover 3 explosive ICOs for 2018 that are ready for blast off. The market place has seen a correction recently and now is a great time to get involved in some ICOs ready to hit the coming bull run. I’ve done the research and weighed up 100s of different ICOs so you don’t have to! Read on to find out which ones are my moon shots.




DADI is a global, decentralized cloud platform, focused on the provision of web services to help you build, scale and grow your digital products.


What can it be used for?


Dadi has many different uses which means, as a decentralised cloud platform, it ticks many boxes that multinational corporations are looking for in a blockchain provider. Use cases include:


  • Content & publishing platforms
  • Content manipulation & distribution
  • App deployment
  • ‘Always-on’ products
  • Subscription services
  • Cost-sensitive products
  • Content classification
  • User experiences with machine learning
  • Big data
  • Ecommerce

Why you should check it out


Dadi has a tech that has blockbuster real world applications.The offchain web services stack aspect of DADI is already utilized by several global enterprises. Virgin Limited Edition, a luxury holiday retreat site part of Virgin Group, runs the DADI customer relationship management service.


Likewise online global affairs and lifestyle publication, Monocle, uses DADI for managing their content assets on the site. DADI has already demonstrated the versatility and diverse use applications of its web services through such partnerships.


It these partnerships why I think getting in early on the Dadi ICO would be a sound play as their disruptive decentralised cloud services platform builds critical mass. To check them out visit the Dadi website here.


Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX)


My next pick is GBX. GBX is  aiming to be a world-leading institutional-grade token sale platform and cryptocurrency exchange.


What can it be used for?


GBX will be a crypto exchange offering the crypto investor 3 core benefits.



Based on ideals of public consensus and trust, GBX’s rigorous listing process will strive to allow the community to flourish whilst protecting participants with AML/KYC, corporate governance and best practices.



Encourages confidence, trust, credibility and liquidity for participants. Shaping a transparent and trustworthy community where you can carry out safe crypto exchanges.


Offering an international gateway underpinned by the regulatory framework of the Government of Gibraltar which is supportive of Distributed Ledger Technology.


Check out GBX below:




Why you should check it out


If we look at the experience of exchanges like Binance, Kucoin and CobinHood their trajectories have been massive.


For the early investors in these exchanges, they have made 1000s of percent profit. With the current shortage of exchanges vrs the number of investors I think this is where the money is at. I’ve blogged on undiscovered exchange gems before such as CoinMetro which is another moon-shot you should check out.


GBX have experience, expertise and an ambitious Roadmap.


This is a great opportunity to get in at a bargain basement level and be part of an exciting project in an explosive area of crypto.


I’m betting on GBX to be a winner. If you believe this is a great opportunity too, then head over and get involved in the community before you jump in at their website, telegram or on Bitcointalk.com




The Fabric Token (FT) ecosystem aims to empower individuals and businesses with easy access to blockchain technology and smart contracts by providing a bundle of user-friendly software.


What can it be used for


The Fabric token will power the platform which will have three core areas:


Fabric Store

The Fabric Store will allow third-party developers to earn tokens and build their reputation by complementing TokenGen and DApp Workbench with their custom-built software components. Strictly digital in nature, it will provide a lucrative opportunity for talented programmers, while helping the FT ecosystem expand and provide even more possibilities for businesses and individuals.



TokenGen will allow users to generate smart contracts for their token and fundraiser by going through a simple step-by-step process – selecting token and fundraiser functionality, filling out details such as token name and symbol, paying in FT, before finally getting the fully tested and secure smart contract code as specified by the user.


DApp Workbench

DApp Workbench will help organizations develop smart contracts through business process modelling. The application features a drag-and-drop interface, which will make use of the BPMN 2.0 standard, enabling the import and reuse of diagrams created using other BPMN-compatible tools.

Why you should check it out


This ICO looks like it could be a multi-bagger. Fabric have a strong developer team and a clear roadmap. The  white paper explains in detail what the company wants to do and how they will go about it.


The main intention is to empower individuals and businesses with an easy access to blockchain technology and smart contracts. it is the business focus on Fabric which makes it such a value crypto play. The bring into the mix DApps and this could be pone that you wouldn’t want to be out in the cold on.


To read more about Fabric check out the Fabric website or their thread on Bitcointalk


Thanks guys for reading the 3 explosive ICOs for 2018 ready for blast off. Feel free to share it widely on all your social media channels below to spread the word. And one last thing before you go off and check out these ICOs… me and Crypto Frank from talkcryptocoin.com are running a 1.7k Tron give away starting in the next few days keep checking in on my blog to see how to enter! Good luck if you do.

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