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8 Reasons to Buy NAV Coin

by Crypto Coin Dude
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When looking for fresh investments in the cryptocurency space, there are many coins that deserve a second look… and many that do not. One coin which has grabbed my attention is NAV Coin. So if you are looking for new inspiration on what coin to invest in or support, then read my 8 reasons why NAV Coin has stellar potential.

Why NAV Coin Rocks


  1. Nav Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that is based on the latest version of Bitcoin Core. This solid foundation allows it grow in a secure way while offering many great features
  2. NAV Coin supports SegWit functionality. This basically means that their block structure will be more flexible allowing the introduction of features like smart contracts in the future
  3. Anonymity – Using NavTech technology you get the option to make transactions private which protects your online identify when making purchases. This is one area that is massive in cryptocurrencies and NAV Coin has this bottomed out already!
  4. Faster transaction times – NAV is super quick…coins can be sent across the globe and confirmed in under 30 seconds
  5. Earn while you sleep –anyone can buy NAV Coins put them in a staking wallet and stake their coins earning up to 5% interest on their investment
  6. Easy to use – the NAV Coin wallet is very easy to use with NAV Coins available to buy from the NAV Coin website using A credit card, or cryptocurrencies.
  7. The guys over at NAV Coin seem like a bunch that prioritise development over the pump and dump tactics which can be prevalent in the crypto space
  8. An ambitious roadmap – I particularly like the goal of creating a space for Anonymous DApps. If they can get this through feasibility and launched, then this could be a move towards much greater things


All in all, NAV Coin is a secure and stable crypto coin that has the backing of a dedicated team. It feature packed profile is delivered in a polished and well-presented package.


This coupled with the move towards smart contracts and putting innovation at the forefront of development, NAV Coin gets my seal of approval.


Additionally, with the current low market cap and the relatively low number of coins in circulation, I think this is a no brainer  (in my humble opinion, of course)


If you found anything of interest in this article, or you would like to share your ideas of the next big crypto coin, please leave a comment in the box below.


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