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Best Crypto ICO opportunities for January and February 2018 part II

by Crypto Coin Dude
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At the end of 2017, I wrote a post on the Best Crypto ICO opportunities for January and February 2018. It was massive with over 300+ Facebook shares and I hope it brought to attention some of the best ICO opportunities out there for massive gains. Since then, there’s been a surge of new ICO opportunities and so I believe a part II post, highlighting the best of the most recent ICOs, is warranted. Read on to find out  top ICO picks.



My first choice is Daneel.


What is Daneel?


Daneel is billed as your ‘future daily assistant’ in the crypto world.   It is an intelligent personal assistant based on “Watson”, the most powerful Artificial Intelligence in the fields of Natural Language and Emotional Analysis.


Daneel is looking to be the AI solution for the modern crypto investor and it will target 3 key areas.


Confidence Score

  • The platform will help you gain a good idea of the risk involved in an investment with a Cryptocurrency Confidence Score.
  • It will provide detailed analytical reports of cryptocurrency so all information is in one document and generated every day.


Market emotions analyses

  • Daneel will collect and distribute data to crypto investors helping you answer the big questions. What do people saying about this crypto? How do they feel about it? What are the noises? What are the trends, the market cap, the price evolution, the market’s behaviour? This approach to Big Data will help you become a more effective investor and trader.

Trustworthy news

  • The platform will crawl the web to get all the cryptocurrencies news, articles, tweets, posts, and  signals and it synthesizes it for you to use
  • Daneel will also provide you with what you need to make the best decision


Why I think the Daneel ICO is a winner


  1. I think AI in the cryptospace will be huge. It’s a technological and information dense market place and so anything that stream lines and improves the decision making of the investor is going to massive. In any industry information, in real time, is key and Daneel could be poised to be a significant gateway to this.
  2. Daneel is has significant backing. It has an active investor community which is always a strong plus for an ICO. Additional;y, it is backed by the  heavy weight industry hitter of IBM. For more than a century IBM has been at the forefront of technological progress, and is today a world leader in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Machine Learning. And if you think any of these industries is where the future lies and then Daneel must be a strong bet for success.


For more information on Daneel and their ICO head on over to https://daneel.io/




My second choice is Sether.


What is Sether?


The primary goal of Sether is to  open up the blockchain to marketers everywhere using a smart Contracts.


As with smart contracts, the features brought to the business to business marketing process that Sether is targeting  are transparency and trustworthiness.


Integrating smart contracts into the marketing strategy offers businesses an efficient and transparent crowd-powered advertising engine, providing clients with a new way to interact with their brand. Consequently, costs and time are reduced alongside increasing efficiencies. I like all ICO plays that have real world applications of their tech like Sether.

We use big data analytics, artificial intelligence and behavioural science to understand every individual within your audience, enabling you to connect with them on a personal level. We understand group behaviours through community voices, enabling you to take holistic decisions.


See Sether in action below:


Why I think the SETHER ICO is a winner


If we consider that it has been estimated that the Social Media Marketing will reach $14 billion in 2018 and over 90% of marketers will use social media for marketing purposes, then Sether only needs to capture a fraction of this market to be a valuable crypto play.  Getting in early could be a great way to maximising profit.


I also like that Sether are committed to go live regardless of the outcome of the ICO campaign. There will be no soft-cap, because the project will continue and will go into production. This gives the investor an indication of the strong intent of the team to get their platform up and running.


For more information on Sether and their ICO head on over to https://sether.io/




My third pick is Coin Metro and I’m very excited its  potential and here’s why.


What is CoinMetro?


CoinMetro is a platform  which will streamline cryptocurrency investing for the general public, along with professional and experienced currency traders, offering a complete trading environment for all investors. It is based on blockchain tech and is looking to be an industry leader.


CoinMetro delivers a user-focused framework that offers mobility between blockchain based digital assets and traditional markets.


The framework of the platform will have three major components creating a digital economy: a cryptocurrency exchange, a trading platform, and an ICO platform. This offers a ‘one stop shop’ cryptocurrency trading environment that is customer-centric to its core.


Further, it has been created by the team behind the regulated Forex broker, FXPIG. This shows that the team has experience of building a global Fintech company which is a massive strength. This is why I’ll be backing this one heavily.


Check out CoinMetro below:



Why I think the CoinMetro ICO is a winner



If we look at the experience of exchanges like Binance and Kucoin, their trajectories have been massive. For the early investors in these exchanges, they have made 1000s of percent profit. With the current shortage of exchanges vrs the number of investors I think this is where the money is at. This is a great opportunity to get in at a bargain basement level and be part of an exciting project in an explosive area of crypto.


CoinMetro has just completed a successful pre ICO. There is now a period of pause while the company ramps up it’s operation. Between now and the start of the main token sale. My advice would be to work hard in this window to create gains from other alts and build a position so that when the main ICO opens you can go in heavy. I think that the early adopter of this exchange will be in a great position.


Head on over to CoinMetro  and have a look around. I’m sure that, like me, you will be convinced that is a strong investment candidate. Why not open an account so you are ready for the main ICO sale when it starts: in the world of crypto, the early bird really does catch the digital worm.


Thanks guys for reading the ‘Best crypto ICO opportunities for January and February 2018 part II’. Feel free to share it widely on all your social media channels below to spread the word.




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