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Blockonomics Reviewed: A Multipurpose Bitcoin Payment Platform

by Crypto Coin Dude
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Blockonomics? What is it? And why should you care? It’s really kinda cool and I think this platform deserves a light shining on it as one that’s well worth checking out. Blockonomics is a decentralised Bitcoin payment solution that enhances Bitcoin use by offering a range of solutions. Read on to find out more.


What does Blockonomics do?


Well, it does many things. So what exactly is a decentralized and permissionless Bitcoin payment solution? And who can benefit from this? As a payment solution, it allows website owners to easily integrate Bitcoin payment solutions into their platform. In essence, Blockonomics is great resource for online store owners. It allows site owner to accept Bitcoin payments. This is supported by providing the ability to generate invoices and accepting payment to a number of popular cryptocurrency wallets.


Moreover, the platform allows users to add a button to website in applications such as Woocommerce (one of the most popular WordPress store apps) and Prestatshop:


blockonomics Bitcoin payment solutions


Payments go directly to your wallet and you are paid instantly


I’ve ran a number of websites and a critical part of their effectiveness is robust payment solutions. New audiences must be attracted and payment options need to meet the needs of every user. Do this and your profit increases! Check out the key selling points of Blockonomics below:


blockonomics Bitcoin payment features

And these key points promote the effective monetization of websites. This is why I think this one is platform that has real-world applications and is therefore a great investment opportunity for us crypto investors.


Is Blockonomics Safe?


One of the most important features of any Bitcoin enhancing tool is making sure that it’s 100% safe. There’s no joy to be found in loosing even 1 Satoshi. From my assessment of Blockonomics, it can be used safely with no risk to your portfolio. How do I know this? There’s two important features that I have identified:


  • The platform doesn’t have access to your private keys (critical for online crypto safety)
  • You don’t need to submit KYC (this is always a big annoyance of mine – after all we’re all in crypto because it’s decentralised free from 3rd party oversight and interference)


Additional key features


When I look at investment opportunities in the crypto space, I sometimes put a value on platforms that have a diverse range of offerings. I put a even higher value on platforms that actively develop and continue to improve. The platform currently has a growing number of Bitcoin related features such as


Blockonomic key features

I like the progress Blockonomics is making. In conclusion, I’ll be taking a stake in this project for two key reasons. I see it as an exciting investment opportunity and I think that it offers a useful service to a number of groups in the cryptospace; this is one to watch.


Want to find out more check out the Blockonomics website or their whitepaper here



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