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Blockstream Satellites Have Extended Their Range to Asia-Pacific

by Crypto Coin Dude
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Blockstream, the popular blockchain development firm that is focused on the advancement of the Bitcoin Core network, recently announced that it is expanding its network of satellites to cover Asia-Pacific in addition to the continents that they already cover.

To shed some light on this development, Blockstream has a network of commercial satellites that it leases in order to allow people with the ability to connect to the Bitcoin network even if they do not have a stable internet connection.

The service had been launched in August 2017 and was offered through the regions of North America, South America, Europe and Africa before it recently added Asia-Pacific to that list.

Blockstream’s satellite networks make it possible for interested users or “nodes” to connect to the Bitcoin Core network without having to connect to conventional internet. In this capacity, the data is sent to the Bitcoin network through the satellite, and is then disseminated to other nodes all around the world through them.

Apart from allowing connectivity to those who do not have a stable internet connection, this also allows greater security through satellite broadcast.

Blockstream also announced the launch of a satellite communications API which would allow users to broadcast unencrypted data to anyone with satellite receiver equipment or send encrypted communications to specific users. This is an innovative and one of a kind service, since it does not only promise connectivity to the Bitcoin Network itself but also to other nodes and users on a social level.

Since Blockstream leases the satellites itself, interested users can utilize these services by paying for them through Bitcoin. The company has now made this payment transfer easier by making micropayments possible through the Lightning Network.

This would enable users to pay for the services they use without having to wait for extensive time frames or pay high amounts in terms of transaction fees.

Further details about the program and the specific satellite can be found through Blockstream’s official website.

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