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BountyPortals: why you need to check it out

by Crypto Coin Dude
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Crypto salutations guys! I’ve been away from my blog for some time now as I been spending some of my hard earned crypto. I’ve been holidaying in New York, USA, which is some way from the cold shores of the UK where I’m based. I decided to cash in some crypto gains to fund the trip so I’m now back to replenishing my crypto coffers. I’m always looking for new ways to crypto hustle so it’s back to the bounty hunting and I’ve just discovered a cool platform for this – BountyPortals. Read on to see why I like it so much.


Bounty Hunting and Bitcointalk


Before I discuss BountyPortals, let me first touch on Bitcointalk. This is where I started my bounty hunting and it really is a great platform for not only earning cryptocurrency, but also learning more about the sector. I can’t imagine a point that I won’t be using it.


On this platform, you can take part in many bounties: social media, content creation, signature, translation ect. I earn really great money from it!


There are however some draw backs. The most relevant one to this post is the time taken to complete actions. Let’s take Twitter and Facebook bounties. You first need to tweet/share the ICO’s updates and then you have to spend time recording this is on the forum. Although this may not seem time consuming on an individual basis, when you are doing it hundreds of times per campaign and you are running multiple campaigns, then it is!  In crypto, time is money.


The follow up problem to this is that Bitcointalk is the most popular bounty hunting platform and a lot of the bounty campaigns are heavily subscribed. This means your earnings are less as they are shared between more people. Add this reduced share to the time taken to record actions and apply a simple calculation of amount earned divided by hours spent


And earnings can be sometimes be painfully low. For example, I once got about 1-2 cent per Tweet. Ouch!


This is where BountyPortals comes in.


What is BountyPortals?


Bounty Campaigns have become an integral part of ICO marketing. BountyPortals is bridging the gap between client and bounty hunter; providing a top-quality service for both.


Check it out below:



They cover all the key services expected by client and bounty hunter:



Why I really like BountyPortals


I discovered BountyPortals as I really wanted another platform to bounty hunt on alongside Bitcointalk. And for me, this platform fills in the gaps that Bitcointalk can’t.


Automation of work


On Bounty Portals, you can take part in Twitter and Facebook bounties and the software auto-counts your work and keeps a running total . This is absolutely immense for bounty hunters as time really is money. It just speeds everything up.


Plus, you aren’t relying on human accuracy. Your work is calculated every 12 hours so you can check that all you work is captured. For me, it’s been 100 % accurate and this means that I all my work counts! Here’s one of my bounties that I’ve just started



It’s growing, but it’s not too big


The other reason why I like this platform is that unlike Bitcointalk it isn’t massively oversubscribed . Why should this matter? Well when it comes to earning stakes you really don’t want to share them with lots and lots of people: the less participants the more your final pay. This is why BountyPortals is a great choice to use alongside Bitcointalk. Maybe it could be just as big in the future, but for the time being I’m betting that there will be some great opportunities on it for both hunters and clients.


The platform is slick


From me first registering on the site, I have been impressed on how it presents itself. It’s fast, reliable and user friendly. It has a growing range of ICO clients and participation is a click away. I’ve been using the platform for a while and I’m continuing to see cool tweaks which is making it better and better. I haven’t as yet took part in content bounties of the ICOs on there, but I’d have no issue in taking part knowing that I’d be more than likely to get paid (obviously I’d need to follow the rules carefully).


If you are an ICO client or a bounty hunter, I would definitely recommend checking this one out. I like it so much I have it on my recommended platform list on my homepage. It’s still early days for me on the platform so I will update you guys when I have more data on how my earnings have been so stay tuned for part II. Over-and-out Crypto Coin Dude.

Want to check out BountyPortals then visit the platform here

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