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10 top cryptocurrency news websites you need to visit

by Zoran Spirkovski
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Cryptocurrency news sites


The rapid growth of cryptocurrency globally has geared a lot of people to invest heavily. However, only a small percentage of these people seem to be aware of the pros and cons involved in crypto investments. Over the years, we’ve seen several cryptocurrency news sites that have helped to educate prospective investors and traders, but some of these sites do not seem to be understandable for beginners. Through research, we’ve been able to provide a comprehensive list of websites that will provide clear educational content and insight for all crypto dudes and dudettes.




Founded by Shakil Khan, this is one of the top leading cryptocurrency news sites, with headquarters in New York, USA. They began publishing in May 2013 providing the latest news on Bitcoin, digital currencies, and the whole crypto ecosystem. With the rapid evolving rate of digital currencies, CoinDesk provides a great insight into the crypto industry. It has a global rank number 1,966 with over 200,000 daily visitors – the US with a higher percentage of visitors with the UK and India – and an estimated worth of $1,376,547.83.


The site enables its visitors to view price graphs for several coins, which includes Bitcoin and Ethereum also coupled with other features which include a bitcoin calculator allowing users to convert their preferred currency to bitcoin and vice-versa.




This London-based crypto news site was founded in October 2013 when cryptocurrency started gaining a lot of momentum. It has become a known and trusted leader in the cryptocurrency information market.


This independent publication serves as an excellent source of cryptocurrency news, blockchain technology; decentralized applications coupled with its interviews and general analysis of the cryptomarket. With the increasing number of digital currencies, investors and traders; it is essential to get educated and be aware of new financial and technological innovations. Cointelegraph provides a whole bunch of these. Additionally, they have fantastic production value due to the unique images they use in their articles.




This is a crypto website you’d certainly want to bookmark on your browser. This site was founded in 2008 and is being run by Roger Ver, a prominent bitcoin evangelist.


News.Bitcoin.com has over 1 million unique page viewers per week, a global rank of 6,911 and a US rank of 3,863 provides visitors teachings on bitcoin basics, bitcoin news and recently forked Bitcoin cash news and articles. This site also includes exchange recommendations, mining features and even wallets available on Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and the iOS platforms.


Keeping up with the news is essential for crypto success, but you need to make sure that you use as many possible sources as you can, and this list contains the best possible crypto news sources out there.



This leading source of cryptocurrency information provides its visitors with top-notch articles, news and press release on the general blockchain technology covering about ten significant cryptocurrencies.


Crypto-news.net has a staff of competent crypto experts that are dedicated to providing good recommendations on crypto investments. It also offers several categories covering price analysis, ICO listings, guides which includes mining features, blocks, transactions and trading advice helping readers to have an all-around knowledge of the cryptosphere.


It’s a great place to start learning about Bitcoin if you are a beginner and also excellent to keep in touch with the current state of crypto.




This site originally founded in 2013 with the domain name Cryptocoinsnews.com, but later redesigned with a new domain name CCN.COM on December 18, 2017. This crypto site has provided its daily 100,000 visitors with educational contents on cryptocurrency news, reports, and features.


CCN.COM also offers blockchain technology news, mining and coin updates on the latest cryptocurrency projects and developments around the world – giving trading tips and great investment advice.




This crypto website provides the visitors with knowledgebase which entails educational contents for novices, investors, and traders in the cryptosystem. It also offers news and articles on consumer and financial technology; providing ICO listing sections which enable readers to know what the ICO is really all about.


Bitcoinist also provides reviews for crypto gambling sites and has a games section listing the best online cryptocurrency casinos.

There are many news sources out there. News aggregators present stories from many different sources.



This is a new cryptocurrency site was founded in 2017. It provides visitors with guides and tutorials giving readers a better understanding of the cryptocurrency world.


Blockonomi is very focused on mining; providing threads that deal with mining coupled with mining equipment and also publishes articles on ICOs and various cryptocurrency projects.




This crypto website founded in 2017 gives its visitors blockchain news, initial coin offerings, cryptocurrency rankings and blockchain events and projects. Cryptoslate is owned by Nate Whitehill and Matthew Blancarte with its headquarters in Washington, USA. This website has been able to provide its readers with a database of 1002 ICOs; delivering prices and data for over 100 cryptocurrencies and also tracking about 184 blockchain events around the world.




This cryptocurrency news site reporting since 2013 gives readers all the details concerning the recent happening in the Crypto world making it a top crypto website.  NewsBTC provides updates on Bitcoin, altcoin updates and the whole blockchain technology with a major emphasis on coin analysis, general market overviews, and also keeps a directory of crypto businesses, brokers, and digital currency-based casinos giving visitors contents about the whole cryptosphere.




This cryptocurrency news website provides an excellent source of cryptocurrency news and information improving the crypto knowledge of its daily readers. The educational contents it provides explains the pros and cons of the whole cryptosphere; answering most of the frequently asked questions posed by investors and crypto traders.


Cryptovest also publishes a schedule for upcoming blockchain events and conferences.


And that’s my round up of cryptocurrency news sites. Feel free to share on your favorite social media channels below!

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