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CryptoLiveLeak (CLL): Earn through Attention Mining

by Crypto Coin Dude
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CryptoLiveLeak Review


What’s the best thing about blockchain and cryptocurrency? For me, there are many things: trust, equality and accessibility. From these benefits of crypto, we are drawn into to a world where we can be our own venture capitalists. Not to mention the awesome community that we all have become a part of. That’s why I get excited when I find a platform which displays these qualities. Platforms that allow the earning of crypto whilst being part of a great community. One such platform is CryptoLiveLeak. Why do I like this one so much? Read on to find out…


What is CryptoLiveLeak.org?


CryptoLiveLeak is a platform that seeks to bring value to subscribers by rewarding them for their attention through a unique process of Attention Mining. The process of Attention Mining is whereby you interact on the platform and within community. In turn, you’re rewarded with CLL points which can be exchanged for CLL tokens. These tokens can be hodled or sold on an exchange such as token.store and folkdelta.


There are many ways to earn CLL points:


1 CLL Token = 100 CLL Points
100 CLL Poins — Create an Account
10 CLL Points — View a Post
10 CLL Points — Comment on a Post
5 CLL Points — Every 15 Seconds of Video Watched
10 CLL Points — Refer a Visitor
20 CLL Points — Refer a Subscriber
1 CLL Point — Get a Like on your Post or Comment


The exchange system on the site, which allows the trading of points to tokens, is user-freindly and well developed. In the future, as the platfrom grows, they will be looking to add more tokens. You can track your CLL point balance and compare your score with others on the leaderboard. Perhaps you can become the top earner on there!


The below video sums up the great benefits of the platform:



Why CryptoLiveLeak is a winner?


I’m a big believer in platforms that use the gig-economy to reward users for their time and effort. You do the work and you get paid. Compare this to traditional forms of bounty hunting where you do the work and HOPE to get paid. And when you do get paid, sometimes it wasn’t worth the effort.


CryptoLiveLeak have a great approach to this payment issue through Attention Mining and I think they’re onto a winner. How far can they take it? I’m betting all the way!


With CryptoLiveLeak, you have the chance to join a vibrant community and help build it up from the grassroots. The more you work for the platform, the more you’re rewarded. Moreover, as growth happens, the more your investment builds. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.


I’ve had great success in this sector where platforms offer crypto payments for work. For example, if you have been following my previous posts you would’ve seen me backing Latium.org. And this one has made huge gains both in token value and the organic footprint of the platform since my recommendation.


This is where CryptoLiveLeak is… poised for growth… poised to reward the early adopter.


I’d recommend getting on over there and getting started. By simply creating an account you will have earned 100 CLL points!


How to get started on CryptoLiveLeak?


The great thing about the platform is you can sign up and start earning CLL growing your token balance from the get-go. Check out the below video walk-through on how to use the CryptoLiveLeak.org site and start Attention Mining CLL today:



It’s that easy to start Attention Mining and earning. It’s a great concept and one that I see as a great monetizer in the space. Add this to the growth potential of the platform (new exchange listings are being actively pursued) and it’s an exciting time to get involved.


Interview with Ken of CryptoLiveLeak.org


To find out more, we reached out to CryptoLiveLeak for their thoughts. We’re happy to have CryptoLiveLeak’s very own Ken Garofalo with us today to answer a few questions in closing.


Ken for those of us not yet involved on your platform why should we check it out?


CryptoLiveLeak.org provides a unique delivery of Cryptocurrency News and Media where the users get rewarded for their attention via our Attention Mining Mechanism. Not only do the users get to stay up to date on the latest News from the Cryptocurrency Industry, but they can directly receive CLL ERC-20 Tokens for doing so. If you are into Cointelegraph or Coindesk I highly suggest that you check CryptoliveLeak.org out – as we offer the extra benefit of Attention Mining.


You decided not to conduct an ICO, why was that and does this benefit new users?


This benefits everyone involved in our ecosystem, from current/ new users to potential business partners. Not holding an ICO is one of the many aspects that allows our token to firmly be identified as a Utility Token for use within the CryptoLiveLeak platform. We never accepted investments with the promise of financial returns, this allows exchanges to negotiate with us knowing our motives are solely on Platform Development and the Evolution of Attention Mining.



Our preferred method of token distribution is Attention Mining – where Users can accumulate CLL Points for interacting with the CryptoLiveLeak Platform.



Actions such as signing up for an account, viewing a post, watching a video, liking content, or referring new users will reward users with CLL Points – which are tracked on their profile, along with a Top 25 Leaderboard. Users can then exchange CLL Points for CLL ERC-20 Tokens on our Exchange Page. We feel this is the best way to achieve true decentralization of CLL Token.



We have also set aside CLL Tokens for Marketing/ Business Partnerships/ Platform Development/ Airdrop as outlined in our Whitepaper.


What areas are you working on to develop the platform in the short term?


In the short term we are looking forward to developing the user profiles making them more customizable. Adding a social aspect to the user’s profiles gives users the opportunity to add profile pictures, cover photos and message each other. This, along with the Top 25 Leaderboard should create a competitive environment for Attention Mining – user retention and interaction will increase. We will also be adding new content daily to give more opportunity for users to continue earning CLL ERC-20 Tokens.


What’s your vision for CryptoLiveLeak in the future?


For the future of the CryptoLiveLeak platform I envision users having the ability to send and receive CLL Points between themselves. We want to also create a CLL Token Wallet that is hosted on the site where users can store their CLL ERC-20 Tokens in house. At some point we also want to give users the ability to post content of their own, so that they have more ways to earn CLL Points, CLL Tokens.



A secondary goal for the Platform in the future is to expand the Exchange capabilities. Have different ERC-20 Tokens, or other Crypto Utility Tokens available for purchase with CLL Points. This will open us up to a whole new ballgame – pending regulations and licensing clearance.



Another main goal is to put our platform on the blockchain as a DAPP. Possibly working with Blockchains such as Tezos or EOS – or perhaps creating our own native blockchain for this purpose.


Final Thoughts


CrytpoLiveLeak is an awesome platform built by and for an awesome community. The potential for a snowballing effect is significant. It’s one of those platforms where being in on the ride pays dividends. I’d like to thank Ken for sharing some inspirational words about the project. I’d encourage you to go on over there and check it out. It maybe the best thing that you do in crypto today. Want to find out more? Head over there now at:



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