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Data transfer service Pvtbox Sync: Revolutionary business solution

by Crypto Coin Dude
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Sponsored – Greetings, dear reader! Pvtbox Sync offers the best solution for safe and fast business data transfer.   

At the moment, the confidentiality of transferred data (unavailable with public cloud services) becomes a priority for those thinking of the information safety – for  individual and corporate clients both.

Issue 1.  Secrecy and property rights for the information stored in public cloud services are nominal. What would you say to the possibility of a client’s  information being misused or sold out to the unlimited number of people?

Email client usage is an example – take Gmail, for one, or many others. Have you noticed that the email content is followed by a matching ad? Many services do not even deny that your correspondence has been scanned. Just think of it: all the letters are yours, but the information they contain becomes the advantage of those advertisers. Not to mention the existence of high-scale tracing programs organized by various government structures, that also doesn’t contribute much to the confidence in privacy being safe.

Issue 2. To maximize the  data transfer rate in large amounts of data, an on-line synchronization of multiple devices  is required.

These two points mentioned above are the bottom line for the business safety and efficiency when it comes to dealing with powerful information flows.

And both issues could be answered with the solution of such a data synchronizing that operates with no public cloud. For instance, well-protected service Pvtbox Sync can successfully solve all the said problems and at the same time provide all the operations with the highest standards of speed and confidentiality.

Now, let’s look into details.

Problem setting. Standard model.  

Say, you’ve got a number of PCs, servers, that are supposed to exchange the large scale of data. At the same time, you are highly interested in the info being protected and stored securely only in trusted storages. Besides, your job processes require a high speed of data transfer between the  different terminals. Let’s see how the peer-to-peer service of Pvtbox Sync can be of help in such a case.


The private peer-to-peer service Pvtbox Sync provides reliable protection of transmitted data through the use of end-2-end end-to-end encryption system. In this case, only the participants of the data exchange  process can gain an access to information flows and service messages. Limited access to encryption keys provides higher standards of information security as only the sender and the recipient can look into the messages, thus the risks of unauthorized use of cryptographic keys by third parties are completely excluded.

The Pvtbox Sync doesn’t use any public cloud storages on its job, while the information exchange takes place directly via the devices built up into the corporate architecture. Also, data storage is carried out only on trusted media or in a private cloud service which the user creates on their own.


This service pack operates on a peer-to-peer (P2P), decentralized network platform which allows you to synchronize all devices in a single work cycle. It means that your computers, servers, tablets and even mobile phones will share or download entire packages of information, while all the necessary files will be sent simultaneously in different directions which will speed up all the operations significantly.

If comparing that to the everyday images, think of the following. Should you be downloading the big file in some usual way, that process could be compared to a single car moving along the one-lane road. Once the the P2P network comes into play, the information starts to move  information flows along several lanes of the main road, including oncoming traffic. And the file itself is divided into several “cars” that arrive and depart sin all possible directions as soon as the request arises.

Other prospectives opened by Pvtbox Sync

  • device synchronizing in automatic or manual selective mode with a possibility to appoint a number of trusted devices;
  • private cloud creation that can combine any number of fixed terminals and portable gadgets with any software  and any capacity;
  • High-speed exchange of large data masses between synchronized devices with appointed senders and recipients;
  • A unique product is introduced – the «Pvtbox – Electronic Vault»

Once the registration is complete, the app creates the synchronization folder on the PC, tablet or mobile phone which then synchronizes with other added devices.

All the possibilities and advantages of the private cloudless service Pvtbox Sync might be of a special interest to corporate clients particularly interested in high speed of well-protected information flows exchange – for example, to companies of any field that pay significant attention to protecting their commercial and managerial secrets.

Pvtbox Sync  usage brings business to completely new level of security saving labor recourses and improving the general efficiency of all the operations.

In a word, those who care of  protection, complete functionality and new possibilities in the data transfer area, pay attention to this service.

Check out PVTbox on their official site https://pvtbox.net/

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