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EQUI A new player in the Venture Capital Space

by Crypto Coin Dude
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Being a UK blogger in the crypto space, I’m always looking out for home grown crypto opportunities to invest in. There are a number of investment candidates on the UK blockchain scene which I am weighing up – one of those is EQUI. What do I like about this one? Read on to find out.


What is EQUI?


EQUI is a web-based application on the Ethereum blockchain. Projects will be showcased on the platform and token holders can use EQUI tokens to acquire a stake in a project. Upon completion of the project, returns are then distributed to the venture’s investors. If the project wins, you win. If it loses, you can lose your initial investment.


For those of us who want to grow our investments through knowledge and skill; backing the right picks, this is a great play.


How does it work?


Token buyers will be able to invest in up and coming FinTech companies. Depending on the number of the tokens held and the amount committed to a project – you receive upto 75 percent of profits generated by the venture.


A further 5 percent will be awarded to those who leave their tokens on the EQUI platform, or have tokens that are un invested.


Investors can thus hodl for the longer term or will be able to sell on an exchange.


The EQUI platform will use blockchain to store information and transactions, including the acquisition of project stakes, distribution of profits and investment returns, as well as investor rewards.


What do I Like about this project?


The Team

Firstly I like the team which is spear headed by The Right Honourable Baroness Mone, OBE, and Doug Barrowman (successful entrepreneur and businessman). In the case of Baroness Mone she made her fortune founding the lingerie company Ultimo. She is a heavy weight and brings a significant presence to the table which should popularise the project on a national scale especially in the UK.


Media attention

It’s this presense of the team which has translated into strong exposure for EQUI. They have been able to capture the lime-light and popular imagination through featuring on TV and in print. They have been published in media outlets like: the Express. the Sun, Forbes, and This is Money. The media attention has a signicance that should give the platform a real chance at becoming a market leader.



When I look at an ICO I think does it have a use… will people want to use it. EQUI passes this test. It taps into an investment appetite that is inherent in the sector.


Blockchain is built by entrepreneurs and who better to know how the mind set and motivations of the best and brightest work than EQUI’s team who have proven their worth in this arena. EQUI will tap into this primary sector.


Using blockchain technology, EQUI is seeking to find the next generation of successful entrepreneurs and to build the business success stories of tomorrow

We will source the best investment opportunities in real world assets. EQUI will champion innovators and support them by providing extensive business knowledge and support, enabling businesses to reach their full potential. Baroness Mone of Mayfair, OBE


So EQUI scores high for me in a number of areas. My strategy on this one will be to get in early build a nest egg of coins and use them on the platform to back the strongest entrepreneurs. I believe that the value added over the longer term will be significant and well worth getting into.

Don’t miss out  – Public sale period (15 March — 12 April).

To find out more vist the EQUI website at https://www.equi.capital/

The Telegram group https://t.me/equicapital or the Bitcointalk Ann thread

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