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Face to face cryptocurreny trading – a study

by Crypto Coin Dude
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face to face cryptocurrency trading


Hi guys just a quick post today about an area of cryptocurrency that is not widely covered, face to face cryptocurrency trading. What is it? Why should or shouldn’t you do it? And is it actually a trend in the space? This is a question one of our team members, over here at cryptocoindude.com, intends to investigate and I, for one, am looking forward to getting a unique insight into this area.


Face to face cryptocurrency trading


What exactly do we mean by this? We all know about centralised vrs decentralized exchanges. A quick search on Google brings up hundreds of articles all competing for the top spot. It’s an easy and well tested method of buying and selling crypto. But try searching for face to face cryptocurrency trading and the articles are much, much fewer. In the context of this study, a face to face trade is one where you meet another person physically, in a private or public space, and carry out a cash for crypto trade.


This area seems ripe for some investigative research and this is what one our team members,  Zoran Spirkovski, is looking to do. We are all for improving knowledge in the crypto-space and this is a shout out to all our readers to head on over to Zoran’s page and help to build the knowledge of face to face trading.


Once Zoran has collected 10k responses, he will be providing this research to the public – totally free of charge! His research will identify: geographies of buyers and sellers, methodologies, barriers to entry and other key drivers.


This is an exciting area of research and everyone here at cryptocoindude.com have submitted their responses – will you join us?


Rest assured the information that you provide will be totally anonymous and will only be used for the betterment of everyone in the cryptosphere.


We are beholden to those that participate and it’ll only take a minute or two. Thanks in advance!


Here’s the link  https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@zoranspirkovski/crypto-cash-trade-research-survey


See you soon guys.

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