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Want to earn free Bitcoin? Then check out Moon Bitcoin today.

by Crypto Coin Dude
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Pictuure of rocket shoowing how to earn free Bitcoin

So I was interested in ways of earning free Bitcoin and I came across the website Moon Bitcoin.

Moonbit.co.in is a Bitcoin faucet which allows you to earn Bitcoin by simply clicking a reward button on their site. The following post reviews this site, and gives some tips to getting the most from it.

What is Moon Bitcoin and how does it work?


Moon Bitcoin is a faucet program which pays a fraction of Bitcoin when a user completes a simple activity.


First, you need to register an account which is basically just confirming your name and email address.


Next, you will be asked to open a CoinPot account which is a cryptocurrency wallet where you can store your Bitcoins. The wallet is user friendly and actually has a vibrant visual – see below:


Picture showing CoinPot Wallet used by Moon Bitcoin


To win Bitcoins it’s very easy. After you are logged in, you simply view the ‘claim your free Bitcoin now’ section of the website and click the claim now button. Then, complete the captcha and you will be awarded  your coins. You can claim every 5 minutes, but the longer you wait the more you get!

Other ways to earn money with Moon Bitcoin?


At moonbit.co.in, there are also surveys and other offers to make more Bitcoin (videos, tasks, ect). I did try the surveys, but after I added my email I was told I wasn’t in the required demographic. I doubt I’ll be enthusiastic to try surveys as a way of earning Bitcoin again, but if it works for you – why not?


How to maximise Bitcoin Earnings from Moonbit.co.in?


It is obvious that as a solo player of Moon Bitcoin you won’t be earning much Bitcoin even if you are completing add on free offers.


The best way to make Moon Bitcoin pay is by referring new people.


When you refer new people, you earn 50% life time commissions on all their faucet claims, so if you have lots of referrals then you will have lots of commission. Bonus!


So if you found this article interesting and you would like to give Moon Bitcoin a try, come  join me over there by following this link.


Start earning… start referring… and thank you for reading the musing of The Dude


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