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5 Moon-shot ICOs set to shine in April and May 2018

by Crypto Coin Dude
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ICOs for April May 2018


Getting in at the ground level of a crypto play can be the best opportunity to maximise gains and be part of the an exciting journey that can be both exhilarating and nerve wracking (especially in today’s market when only the best investments will win out). The problem is there are so many ICOs to choose from, so which ones do you devote your time and money to. These are the ones I’m backing and are well worth a look, so read on to check out my top ICOs for March and April 2018.


1. London Crypto Currency Exchange (LCCX)


LCCX are aiming to be the solution to the issues currently facing the crypto industry and are aiming to set a new standard when it comes to cryptocurrency exchanges. Based in London, the goal of LCCX is to become the most trusted crypto exchange in the world.


How will LCCX achieve this?


Being the most trusted crypto exchange in the world is a noble and lofty goal, but can LCCX deliver this? From my assessment of the project and team, I believe that they are lining themselves up for a good shot! And plus, even if they only achieve a fraction of this goal early adopters stand to be well rewarded. More on that later…


LCCX have got a sensible and clear plan on how to reach their aims which covers the following actions:


LCCX plan


Check out more below:


Why I think LCCX could be a winner


If you have been reading some of my past posts, you will know that I have a position in investing in up and coming exchanges. The common perception is that the exchange sector is overcrowded, and in part this is true. But this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take positions in companies in this sector, and it certainly doesn’t mean that there’s not massive gains to be made.


What we need to do is only choose the strongest; the best bets that can recreate the success of Binance, Kucoin and the other exchanges that have seen massive growth trajectories. Getting in early and speculating for that future moon shot is how winners are borne.


Also I think that the UK is ripe for a serious exchange to capture a growing national and international interest in crypto. The UK is a politically stable jurisdiction and London, in particular, is a city that is at the hub of the global financial world. Yes, the UK will look to regulation of crypto, but I think that will only empower LCCX to establish itself as a player on a national and international stage.


At some point, a London based exchange will rise to prominence, and why not LCCX… that’s what I’m betting on.


Finally, when I’m assessing ICOs for growth, I always think can the team achieve what they are setting out. On review of the team and their range of skills and experiences, they seem to be more than capable of driving this project forward. The team are active on community boards and their Telegram is growing day by the day. Their transparency is great: open and honest discussion with investors is paramount and that’s what they are doing which is a massive tick in the right box.


Digging Deeper


In fact, I was keen to get a look under the hood and met up with Rob the Founder and of LCCX to find out what his vision was for LCCX in 3-5 years:


As a trader myself I quickly noticed that there was no regulation, no transparency and no safety when it came to clients funds in the current marketplace. LCCX will change all that and bring a new standard to the marketplace with regulation, insurance of clients funds and both crypto and fiat trading markets. It’s an ambitious project but down the line in 3 to 5 years I feel LCCX, with its professional and trusted service will open the doors to mass market adoption of cryptocurrencies where daily trading volumes are in the trillions of dollars – Robert Benwell – Founder & CEO – LCCX


This fits in with my investment strategy. I’m a big believer in building positions and hodling for the longer term. If you want to make life changing wealth from crypto, then this strategy is your best bet. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day . If you want to flip and make short term profit, then I’m sure LCCX is a good bet. I’m not that much into good bets, I’m into great bets – play the long game. As Warren Buffet said, ‘the stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient’.


In conclusion, LCCX is a great bet for an up and coming crypto exchange. I like the team. I like the road map. I like the potential of the UK blockchain scene as a national and international player. If you want to find out more, please feel free to check LCCX further.


2. Truegame


Truegame is an I-gaming platform which has a working product and currently has players taking part in more than a dozen online games (scratch cards, prize draws, lotteries, gift boxes).


They have been in the market place since 2017, putting in the hard-graft: gaining players, marketing, and securing a gambling license. Now is the time when Truegame are going to scale and expand. The potential is huge!


Check them out below:



Why Blockchain?


I think Truegame have been very clever using blockchain to take their platform to a new level. Consider the problems inherent in the industry, in particular, lack of transparency and unfair outcomes for the player.


Truegame have solved these problems by having their game algorithms and random number generation open for users to view. Their codes are available on GitHub Plus, both the game and the distribution of the winnings occur in the independent environment of the blockchain.


Smart contracts control the outcome and all players can track winnings and potential jackpots. As a punter myself, I know the gambling industry could be massively disrupted by blockcahin: no longer do you have to hand over your money and put your faith in a non-transparent platform that has no interest in you doing well.


For the player this disruption will be a massive draw: for the providers blockchain tech in the gaming space the prize could be huge. Why not Truegame?


What I like about Truegame


I like the team behind this one. They have a range of experience and skills; and most importantly they have sector experience. They are seasoned professionals that I hope will get the job done and push this one over the line. When the ‘chips are down’, the only thing standing between you and winning or losing in crypto is the platform’s team’s professionalism: are they up to the task? Have they got vision? Have the got the acumen? And from my analysis, I would feel safe as I can be… that’s why I’ll be putting my Eth into this one.


Like I already mentioned, the transparency of the platform is a key feature which could send this one global. As they scale and develop the platform, the use of smart contracts and blockchain technology could make this a widely adopted . And if this happens, then we have a moon-shot on our hands.


On their site, there is mention that holders of their tokens are paid a commission from each ticket sold. I like this model as it rewards the early adopter.


There’s many things to like about this one and every review I read on it is very bullish about their prospects… and I’ve read them all. It consistently scores high on all the ICO review sites.


Truegame ICO reviews


I think True game could be a winner. It has the potential to be one of the big contenders in a sector which is capital rich and has explosive upside potential. Consider the future if they got into online poker and developed that way… now that really could be something. This is one to get into and hodl, so I’m on this one.


If you want to join me, please check it out – visit their website here.


3. BitRewards


Who doesn’t love shopping? It’s big business especially since the advent of the internet and the growth ecommerce which brings us to My third top pick ICO for March and April 2018 – BitRewards. I really like this one and it has massive potential. BitRewards is looking to create a loyalty platform online which rewards shoppers with Bit Tokens.


How does BitRewards work


BitRewards works using three core deliverables :

  1. Merchants get BIT software for FREE
    Based on the innovative and profitable product with 5 year market history. Upon installation of the software, a merchant’s revenue grows by by 17% on average.
  2. Shoppers get rewards in BIT tokens
    For their purchases, friends’ invites, Facebook ect. BIT can be redeemed or cashed out. I feel like this could be the massive behind the success of the platform as it combines shopping with reward which is a powerful tool in today’s internet shopping spaces.
  3. Merchants buy BIT, people hold BIT
    Shoppers get liquid token, merchants get more sales. Community benefits from the ecosystem growth.


Check out BitRewards below:


What I like about BitReward


  1. Working product – BitRewards originated from a currently working business GIFTD.tech, which has been running for five years. This should mean that they can leverage their existing customer base to provide the catalyst to get the critical mass to get the project established.
  2. Merchants get cutting-edge rewards and loyalty solutions for free. It’s a great new way to reward current and attract new customers. For the merchants it’s a win-win… they get improved customer experience for little outlay. This should drive growth rates of adoption.
  3. For users: Rewards in cryptocurrency, which don’t depend on the success of the merchant.
    Rewards, which appreciate rather than expire. Easily redeemable or exchangeable into any other liquid asset. Highly personalised, custom-tailored recommendations, rewards & discounts.
  4. Global market place potential – Shopping is king and we live in a increasingly ecommerce centred world. The tokenisation of shopping reward programmes could be a massive disrupting tech and the profits for leaders in this area could be stratospheric! Consider the size of the market potential below:

Bit Market

One cool thing I did notice about this one is you can get 100 Bit totally free by giving their live demo a go. Just go to their homepage click on the live demo button sign up and collect your 100 Bit (goes to your Eth account after ICO has finished). Nice little touches like these show that the platform isn’t a knock up job designed to fool the investor. There’s much to like about it.


I think BitReward could be an ICO that will shine bright in 2018 and should well worth checking out. For more information visit their homepage at https://bitrewards.network/.


4. Minerva


My fourth pick is Minerva. It is is a platform built on the Ethereum blockchain and its cryptocurrency is the OWL ERC20 token. Their aim to provide partnered businesses with incentivized payment solutions, and address mainstream cryptocurrency adoption issues. Minerva will act as a bridge between organisations and customers. Customers will be provided with cutting edge payment tech: faster… stronger…safer.


Why do we need Minerva when we have Bitcoin?


Minerva and Bitcoin are fundamentally different. Minerva is designed to reward platforms that accept its OWL token with reverse transaction fees, as well as address the challenges of mainstream cryptocurrency adoption.


Minerva is aiming for mass adoption through the incentivisation of services who roll out their coin to their users. This is why I see it having explosive potential.


Through smart contracts business will be able to run their own reward platforms in a way that makes financial sense: flexible, cost generative and transparent. Imagine the rewards for companies who are ready to embrace the future of cryptocurrency.


Check Minerva out below:



Where will Minerva be used?


Minerva will be used on carefully selected platforms which are subjected to rigorous auditing and transparency agreements. I like the idea that they will be holding tight to the reigns ensuring that the authenticity and quality of the platform will be held to a high account.


The first business to integrate into the Minerva economy is a live-streaming service with $20M in yearly revenue and over 10 million users.


And it this example which shows us the stellar potential of this platform. Real world applications of blockchain technology!


Becoming an Early adopter


If like me you research this coin and believe that it has significant future potential, then you can join the platform at an early stage. Be involved in its promotion, and its success.


Summary of key Strengths


  • Clear road map for future progression
  • Will be integrated into a pre-existing businesses which have pre-existing significant turn over
  • Strong and committed team
  • Strong social media presence
  • Early stage project with massive potential
  • Real world applications and problem solving


I see a bright future for this coin and I encourage you to go and check out the Minerva website for further information . Once you have checked that out, their whitepaper will provide you with a detailed overview of the platform.




My Final pick for my ‘5 Moon-shot ICOs set to shine in April and May 2018’ is XTRD. This one is another exchange and so you are getting a flavour of my investment strategy as I do like investing in exchanges…and why not. I made great gains in Binance and Kucoin, and sold right at the top. Those were great plays…. like these, XTRD, I think, is a bit special – and it’s selling out very quickly for the early speculators.


What is it?


XTRD is bringing proven financial technologies to the cryptocurrency market. This means higher liquidity, lower fees, and combined platforms.


Check it out below:



Check out the list of benefits that the platform will offer:




What I like about XTRD


Technological problems in the cryptocurrency exchange arena have been clearly visible for all to see. This is perhaps to be expected with a space that is at an early stage of development. Remember the issue of Coinbase’s GDAX, where the price of Ethereum flash crashed to $0.10 USD causing many to loose significant amounts of their investment.


This example is not common in the space, but what is common is ‘stop-loss hunters’. These whales artificially cause the price of cryptocurrencies to crash in order to activate other traders stop-losses. Once they have accumulated at depressed levels, the price of the crypto then regains lost ground and so through dodgy practices these whales make money off the back off other investors.


And these practices are what XTRD are gearing up to stop bringing the cryptocurrency exchange space up to the level of that seen on Wall Street. On Wall Street, when certain conditions are hit, like a 20% price increase or decrease in a five-minute time window, an exchange temporarily halts trades. This is common common practice. Exchanges for cryptocurrencies don’t have the technology in place yet to detect market manipulation and it’s sorely needed in the space. This is what the XTRD team will tackle.


The Team behind XTRD are based on Wall Street in NYC and have over 30 years of extensive real-world experience building robust, battle tested trading systems in FX, equities, derivatives, and other instruments.

Empowering the cryptospace


It’s my opinion, that cryptocurrency trading is still at the early adoption phase. When we move into the mass adoption phase, companies like XTRD are going to be needed to bring the level of expertise up to the bench mark for sustainable, future growth.


Crypto trading, currently, is arguably where Wall Street was in in the 1990’s, but this won’t always be the case. And as crypto eclipses Fiat (or at least catches up) in the long run early adopters in this space will be handsomely rewarded.


On top of tackling the afore mentioned issues, XTRD will introduce FIX API. So what is this? And why does it matter?


XTRD’s FIX API is twofold. Firstly, the goal of XTRD is to bring together cryptocurrency exchanges. Trading is fragmented and extremely high latency – like in the early 90s on Wall Street. When you are dealing with billions of dollars worth of crypto being traded, exchanges begin to destabilise or become unable to handle the volume.


The second goal is to help bring in larger institutions to the cryptocurrency market. XTRD will launch a universal low latency FIX based API connecting to all crypto exchanges to make it easy for major institutions, hedge funds, and algorithmic traders to access all cryptocurrency markets.


Crypto will need to embrace and effectively handle this type of exposure in the future. If you want to read more on this check out XTRD’s white paper here


I think XTRD could be a big one. If you think that crypto trading has the potential to go main stream, then companies like XTRD are going to be at the vanguard of institutional investment. And we have a chance to catch the early worm on this one, which is very exiting indeed. Check out XTRD here.


And that concludes my round up of my 5 Moon-shot ICOs set to shine in April and May 2018. If you found this post to be helpful, I would appreciate your sharing of this article on your favourite social media channels below. Many thanks, Crypto Coin Dude.

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