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Key Benefits of Crypto Investing for Retirement

by Crypto Coin Dude
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Key Benefits of Crypto Investing for Retirement


Planning for retirement is not optional anymore. It’s never too early to start investing for your financial future. As the crypto space continuing to mature, it offers an excellent opportunity to hedge against the current financial system. What options do you have as a long-term crypto-investor?


A New Investment Asset Class


Cryptocurrencies have many distinct advantages over traditional assets classes: no fees and transparency. You can store unlimited amounts of capital and pay no management fees. As cryptocurrencies are on an immutable ledger that you can access, there’s no issue with handing over your portfolio to another entity who invests it on your behalf.

The idea of handling your own finances and being financially independent is a huge strength. Always remember that with such power comes the responsibility of safeguarding your investment.

Keeping private keys, seed phrases and cold storage/hardware wallet secure are an absolute must. We have covered Top Tips to Manage the Risks of Cryptocurrency Investing in another post over on theminerhub.com which is well worth a read.




One of the key benefits of crypto investing for retirement is in its diversity. There is a wide range of coins and cryptofunds to choose from. The potential to make great gains is present, but requires a strong commitment to in-depth research.

The strongest starting place is Bitcoin due to its first mover status and its inherent store of wealth – everything else is on your ability to conduct your due diligence.

Always consider spreading your investments across a range of asset classes: pensions, property, savings, cryptocurrency. The secret is too diversify.


How Much to Invest in Crypto


If you invest as much as you can afford to lose, then everything else is a bonus. Like we have already covered, the best starting place is building an investment base in Bitcoin. Yes, it maybe lower in the future, but there are strong indications that the chances are high that it could be worth multiples of today’s valuation.

Your investment pot has the opportunity to grow more significantly than perhaps any other investment vehicle.  It’s about managing risk versus reward.

Want more risk? Invest more. Want more risk? Incorporate altcoins into your portfolio. The choices are yours and financial destiny is literally in your hands. This is why the space is so enthralling.


Crypto Investment Funds


Whenever there’s an opportunity, smart money makes it work for them. With the crypto-hype and the huge emergence of ICOs, crypto retirement investment funds are on the rise, generally, in the US. One example of a supporting technology is Auctus, a retirement investment platform that launched recently in the Alpha phase of its rollout.

A first-of-its kind retirement investment platform incorporating cryptocurrencies, Auctus users can get access to analytics and human advisors to help guide them in investment decisions, as well as a blockchain-based trading platform.

Auctus could cut out middlemen by utilizing blockchain and smart contracts, as well as allowing retirement savers to aggregate their entire retirement savings from regulated 401k/IRA plans, voluntary traditional investments and cryptocurrency investments.


Key Benefits of Crypto Investing for Retirement – Food for Thought


Crypto investing for retirement makes sense in two cases. First if you are young enough and can recoup any losses during your working life then the risk is managed. Second if you can afford to take a risk on this sector, then why not? It’s not one for the orphans or widows, but with a strategic approach could furnish you with a retirement of kings. Like this post? Please share on your favourite social media channels below

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