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Latium: Why this crypto meets gig economy platform could be HUGE

by Crypto Coin Dude
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Sponsored – Are your looking for that next big cryptocurrency platform? The type of project that offers not only a tangible product but also a powerful vision of a decentralized future. This is the hallowed quest of every person involved in crypto today: to find that one huge player!

It truly is no easy task. Many pretenders wear emperor’s new clothes. Their believers and investors are left disappointed when the veil of fiction is lifted. However, promising crypto possibilities still exist in the industry today. For me, one such project that has the potential to rise to the top is Latium.

This blog post today will outline in detail why Latium has the potential to be great. If you are not already involved, I hope by the end of this post you will believe as well!

What is Latium?

On a macro level, Latium is tapping into 3 economic trends. These trends that have grown over the past 5 years: decentralization, cryptocurrencies and the gig economy. This decentralization of the economic landscape will produce new winners and new losers. Latium is at the vanguard of the new economy and I’m backing it to be a solid winner.

What exactly does Latium do? It is the first micro-tasking platform that works on a one to many task structure. The user of the platform can create a task which they can hire one person, or many thousands, to complete. These tasks can be either ‘digital’ or ‘in-person’ tasks.

Latium: digital and in-person tasks

A digital task could an employer creating a task to drive traffic to a website, or signing up to a Youtube channel, for example. As the platform develops, the range of tasks will multiply providing a rich ecosystem. For me, it could even move into skill trading exemplified on platforms such as Fiveer.com. Skills could include writing, video editing, music, audio producing and so on.

The flexibility and potential of Latium is immense.

This flexibility then brings us onto the in-person task facet of Latium. For example, consider the opening of an art gallery, a marketing event, or any number of socially driven activities where groups of people arrive at a destination.

The promoter of the event posts the details on the platform. They then accept people onto the task who they want to attend. The attendee scans a QR code on arrival from within the Latium app. They may then scan it upon leaving the event for the payment in LATX (the native coin of the platform).

Future planned features continue to expand the use case scenario options as well. For instance, the promoter may choose to enable GPS tracking to verify the release of the payment. The promoter and attendee have completed a seamless economic transaction. As a result, this creates a win-win scenario between the employer and employee. The foundation of great business comes from win-win scenarios.

The exciting part of Latium is that the digital tasking is already growing. In-person tasking will develop over time as Latium forges partnerships deals. As early adopters, this is where we create our value added. Latium is still in Beta testing, but rest assured, the continuing development of the platform will drive it forward in daily adoption potential.

Why I’m Bullish on Latium

I’ve been in Latium from the start of its journey because I believe in it! Moreover, I’ve been able to assess the potential of my investment and the safety of my investment. This is sometimes forgotten in the race to find the next-big-thing in crypto. Latium has many hallmarks which put it right at the top of my list of most exciting cryptocurrency projects. Some of these include the following:

1. Problem solving

In any business, the project must solve a real-world problem. If it doesn’t solve a problem, then the crypto doesn’t meet my threshold of participation. Latium solves many problems:

What issues Latium solves

Additionally, this is all packed up in an awesome platform that is modern, slick and functional.

2. The platform

As I mentioned, I’ve been in Latium since the beginning. I’ve seen the platform evolve from the early development stages to where we are now. The team must be busy as every time I log onto my account it looks better, it performs better and continues to offer increasing user engagement opportunities.

Below is the now hiring page in action:

Latium now hiring page

I’ve taken part in many of the micro-tasks and the process is super easy; simply complete the task and get paid in LATX. The chat function seen in the top right of the screen-shot allows communication between the task creator and the hire. As we all know, communication is key in the gig economy.

If you haven’t tried it yet, I’d recommend getting on over there an giving it a shot. Start earning LATX today! And the cool thing is you can sell it directly on the platform for Ether…. more on that later!

3. The team

As most of us know in crypto, projects live and die by the quality of the team. I’m sure we have all had first hand experience of false promises and missed road map goals. With Latium, you receive the opposite. The team is consistent, driven and open. I’m part of the Telegram group and I’m impressed by the quality of their guys and girls.

In fact, there are a couple worth mentioning here. CEO David Johnson is a no nonsense, dedicated leader that resolutely gets it done, time after time. He has over 25 years experience in development, FinTech and internet commerce. This is also coupled with over 20 years experience in business management.

David provides the leadership and technical background for the Latium platform. He’s a straight shooter and I’m confident that he will get Latium to where it deserves to be. I was particularly impressed with his ‘Ask me Anything’ over on YouTube. In this he discussed the ongoing development of Latium- check it out here.

Also, Kevin Steele who is a community manager over there is a consistent voice in the community. Like me, he was a token sale participant due to a belief in the potential of Latium. Inducted into the team in swift order he tirelessly works on community participation. Fostering and developing community is an important core theme of Latium’s approach.

4. Business acumen

The final area that makes me a Latium believer is the business acumen of the team. Take for example the development of the platform – it’s been very clever. The design during the ICO used neon laser themes to capture the hearts and minds of the crypto investor. It actually was a savvy move leading to a heavily subscribed ICO.

As the platform matured, the team moved toward a more contemporary and clean visual. This will have broad appeal. A joining of the world of crypto veterans to crypto newbies. It’s these types of moves that will put Latium in a great position for large scale adoption. Large scale adoption beyond niche – very clever! This is why I’m here for the long term.

Evidence of this drive to unify the crypto and the common user is further demonstrated in the implementation of an in-platform exchange.

Internal Exchange

In general, an employer will come to the Latium platform to create a job and acquire employees to carry out the required task. Not everyone has the knowledge to buy LATX from an exchange nor do they have the time or inclination to learn how to do so. This is acceptable as Latium’s platform solves this issue. The embedded exchange means that the user never has to leave the platform. You acquire LATX and sell it on there for ETH! Other potential pairs will be available in the future.

The operation of the exchange is such that it will operate in similar nature to many “Over the Counter” or OTC exchanges already in operation in various outlets today. The exchange has the potential to not only bring huge amounts of users to the platform, but bring in other potential forms of income.

Many other communities and token projects will likewise be able to take advantage of this opportunity by further allowing for liquidity and trading options for their respective community of users. At Latium, we are more than open to discussions with interested projects which meet our standards. We wholeheartedly recommend interested tokens and staff to further pursue the options and availability specific to this exchange opportunity.

Check it out below:

Latium Exchange

It’s great to see that the exchange is totally free from commissions and you can send tokens to other users at no cost. See the below screen grabs of these great features.

Trade LATX free of charge

Transfer LATX free of charge

The incorporation of an in-platform exchange for LATX is a game changer.

Future Vision

In crypto, the value of a coin/token goes up and down. I don’t worry about the short term value of what I’m involved in because it’s not that important. As long as the vision for the future is exciting, tangible and achievable — I’m satisfied. This is what I base my crypto involvement on.

Latium’s future is bright. Their roadmap is being adhered to – and built upon:

Latium Road Map

I’m particularly excited about ‘On the Fly LATX Conversion’

Ease of access to LATX and other currencies is imperative for mass adoption. Users require easy access to buy and/or sell LATX. The platform will allow for easy exchange via API connections with existing exchanges and/or using Shapeshift.io. The goal is to allow purchases via credit cards and in real-time making it easy to participate in the system. Allowing users to withdraw profits in fiat will also facilitate usability. Users can hold their earnings in LATX or convert on the fly and receive funds via PayPal.

For the purposes of this post, I wanted to get a unique insight into where Latium is now and where it wants to be in the future. There’s no better source to get this from than the team who are sailing the ship and navigating the waters. With a good wind I believe they are taking us to the promised land. Therefore I approached the kind folk over at Latium to get a better insight into these questions.

Interview with Community & Media Manager, Kevin Steele

We’re happy to have Latium’s very own Kevin Steele with us today to answer a few questions in closing.

For those who are new to Latium, can you sum up what it is and why we should get involved?

Great question! Latium from its core is a tasking platform that allows for a unique one to many contract tasking structure. Think of this as the ability to pay one person to complete one task, or instead, to pay 5,000 people to complete one task. Rather than be confined to the rigid structures of traditional tasking platforms in operation today, Latium will continue to develop and implement features that help two core goals: Disrupt the gig economy while also bringing cryptocurrencies to the general public. The future is bright for blockchain and we are happy to be there at the forefront, developing technologies and platforms to further progress the daily use of this emerging industry.

Where do you see Latium in 1–2 years from now?

Many people ask us to speculate on pricing, exchanges, or even deadlines not even in our roadmap so this question is actually a breath of fresh-air. Our current roadmap is very structured and full on into early 19′ but we can start from there. As noted in our roadmap, the last line item is the development and migration of a full blockchain system. While the alpha, beta and eventually production environments are vital to the ongoing notoriety and usage of the Latium brand, we feel the true efficiency and power of our efforts will be showcased when a custom blockchain system is in effect.

Along with this, ongoing Business to Business planning and initiatives will continue to show fruition as we begin more targeted marketing with our production environment releases. All in all I see a continued development focus for expanding the type of interactions people can and will have with Latium to utilize cryptocurrencies in their daily lives.

The release of the internal Latium has been a brilliant addition to the Latium platform, is there any other behind the scenes developments in the making?

Thanks, we are indeed very pleased with the introduction of the internal exchange as well as ongoing updates to its usage.

Regarding other features, I’d say the biggest upcoming release that we are most excited to unveil to the community is known as “Proof of Human”. We have alluded to it somewhat in our Telegram group chats, but all in all haven’t really given our users a taste of what is to come with this monumental undertaking.

The core issue with many tasking platforms and reputations systems is a lack of a resolute system to ensure both employee and employer are verified humans (ie. not bots) and are not operating from duplicate accounts. Utilizing various biometric data we will allow for a voluntary “Proof of Human” tier for users that wish to enroll. This will allow employers to select only higher tiered applicants if they prefer, while ensuring the integrity of the actions performed via tasks. This also opens the doors for an effective referral system to the platform, rather than having an open ended structure dominated by spam and bot accounts.

Final Thoughts

Can Latium be a huge player in the decentralized crypto gig economy? I wouldn’t bet against it. Currently, it’s in Beta and is consistently making progress. Next, it will hit app stores and released to the web. Marketing ramp up will happen as they pass road map targets. The user base and variety of tasks will proliferate. If you are a believer in cryptocurrency, decentralization and the gig economy then I really would be an early adopter and check this one out. Visit Latium’s website or their telegram group here. I’ll  see you over there – Latium is one that you shouldn’t miss!

If you want to find out more, then there’s a great YouTube video by Ken Garofalo of CryptoLiveLeak reviewing Latium which is well worth a view.

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