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Minerva: A golden opportunity for crypto aficionados

by Crypto Coin Dude
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Once you have stepped into the world of cryptocurrencies, it becomes clear that the next big thing has yet to be discovered. The landscape of blockchain is ever changing and evolving. New tech is coming to the fore. As a cryptocurrency investor, it is important to get ahead of the frenzy and become an early adopted to see the most gains. In this article, and my next series of posts, I will be introducing you to the best cryptocurrency opportunities in the market place today. The first potential blockbuster is Minerva… find out why!

What is Minerva?


Minerva is a platform built on the Ethereum blockchain and its cryptocurrency is the OWL ERC20 token.


The aim of Minerva is to provide partnered businesses with incentivized payment solutions, and address mainstream cryptocurrency adoption issues.


Minerva will act as a bridge between organisations and customers. Customers will be provided with cutting edge payment tech: faster… stronger…safer.


Why do we need Minerva when we have Bitcoin?


Minerva and Bitcoin are fundamentally different. Minerva is designed to reward platforms that accept its OWL token with reverse transaction fees, as well as address the challenges of mainstream cryptocurrency adoption.


Minerva is aiming for mass adoption through the incentivisation of services who roll out their coin to their users. This is why I see it having explosive potential.


Through smart contracts business will be able to run their own reward platforms in a way that makes financial sense: flexible, cost generative and transparent. Imagine the rewards for companies who are ready to embrace the future of cryptocurrency.


Where will Minerva be used?


Minerva will be used on carefully selected platforms which are subjected to rigorous auditing and transparency agreements.  I like the idea that they will be holding tight to the reigns ensuring that the authenticity and quality of the platform will be held to a high account.


The first business to integrate into the Minerva economy is a live-streaming service with $20M in yearly revenue and over 10 million users.


And it this example which shows us the stellar potential of this platform. Real world applications of blockchain technology!


Becoming an Early adopter


If like me you research this coin and believe that it has significant future potential, then you can join the platform at an early stage. Be involved in its promotion, and its success.


Minerva has a strong bounty program which rewards bloggers who believe in it and promote it on their social media channels.


The Official Bounty Program is focused upon rewarding Bitcointalk Supporters, so if you are not already a member you’ll have to register over there here – Bitcointalk


Once registered you can follow Minerva Bitcointalk link here and sign up for the program. Support the Minerva team and you are rewarded with coins for promoting their ongoing success online.


The program will run until the end of ICO, ICO date will be announced soon.


A total of 1% out of Total Supply or about 1M OWL Tokens, are reserved for the Bounty Campaigns.


Total Bounty Pool will be divided As Follows:

2% Creative Contest
15% Twitter Campaign
15% Facebook Campaign
5% Reddit Campaign
10% Translations Campaign
5% Telegram Campaign
18% Blog/Media Campaign
15% Exclusive Support
15% Signature Campaign


Summary of key Strengths


  • Clear road map for future progression
  • Will be integrated into a pre-existing businesses which have pre-existing significant turn over
  • Strong and committed team
  • Strong social media presence
  • Early stage project with massive potential
  • Real world applications and problem solving


I see a bright future for this coin and I encourage you to go and check out the Minerva website for further information . Once you have checked that out, their whitepaper will provide you with a  detailed overview of the platform and their future path which, if realised, could be epic.

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