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Omnitude reviewed: revolutionising ecommerce

by Crypto Coin Dude
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Hi guys! The popularity of my recently ICO review blog posts has been immense. And if you followed some of my tips and reviews you will have scored with some great ICO gains, I’ve recently discovered another great opportunity which deserves a second look: it has the potential to be massive. Read on to find out my latest hot ICO pick …Omnitude.


What is Omnitude?


Who doesn’t love shopping? It’s big business especially since the advent of the internet and the growth ecommerce. At the click of a button, you can get a carton of milk delivered to your door in under an hour. Omnitude are looking to tap into, and improve, such ecommerce marketplaces.


In a nut shell, Omnitude is seeking to integrate enterprise systems, supply chains and eCommerce platforms through the technology of blockchain. At the same time, they will be enabling a community of app developers that can imagine, build and deploy blockchain solutions to real world problems.


What problem is Omnitude trying to solve


When I weigh up the potential of an ICO play, I always consider the utility of the tech. Does it solve a problem? If it does, then I’ll dig deeper. If it doesn’t, then I’ll disregard it straight away.


Omnitude enables businesses to solve problems in ways that were not previously possible without the rise of blockchain technology.


Omnitude will help achieve:

• The creation of transparent and accountable manufacturing and supply chains.
• A significant reduction in ecommerce fraud.
• The enablement of a single customer identity for use across any Omnitude connected ecommerce site.
• Blockchain integration between enterprise systems such as ERP & WMS.


Put this in the mix with developers using the platform to develop apps then a myriad of different problem-solution possibilities will open up to be tackled…. The value added proposition could be significant.


See more about Omnitude below:


Why Omnitude could be a winner?


Firstly, people love to shop. The ecommerce industry is worth billions and blockchain is a perfect fit to maximize profit and improve efficiencies in the sector. If Omnitude can tap into only a fraction of that, then they could be a serious investment vehicle moving forward.


Secondly, their development and marketing instils me with confidence that this project is a sound pick. For example, they have produced a strong whitepaper – which is a must for any ICO that I’m going to invest in. I really like how they have split their white paper into a technical and non-technical one. This is a nice touch and this attention to detail is further reflected in the content, structure and presentation. Many ICOs fall down on the Whitepaper.


Additionally, their road map is equally well-thought out and their website is slick and easy to use. Put this together will a growing social media presence and a real buzz in the air, and I think Omnitude have the ingredients for success.


Omnitude in figures & quick facts

• Token Name ECOM
• Circulating supply– 55 million
• Token Value (Pre-sale) – 1 ECOM = $0.40
• Token Value (ICO) – 1 ECOM = $0.46
• Hard cap – $23m (50m ECOM)
• Token Sale Start Date – March 28th 2018
• Token Sale End Date – April 25th 2018


In conclusion, this one is a strong bet to invest in at the earliest stages of its development. Fortune really does favourthe brave. If you are interested in reading further, please visit the Omnitude website here.

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