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Should you buy Ethereum? (Hell, Yes)

by Crypto Coin Dude
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Welcome to this week’s blog post. As a massive fan of crypto currencies, I’ll be reviewing some of the best crypto coin picks out there. At the moment, I really like Ethereum, so read on for the review.

What is Ethereum?


Ethereum is a decentralised platform that runs smart contracts. These contracts are applications that run as programmed; free from censorship or fraud.


There is no downtime – unstoppable applications running 24 seven on a vast array of servers (nodes run by miners).


The block chain allows custom built apps to run on a powerful global blockchain. Developers can store, create and manage their apps.


In fact, Ethereum potentially has uses that aren’t even conceived as of yet: it’s pretty cool stuff, on the sharp edge of futuristic technology.


How does the Ethereum platform work?


The Ethereum platform is powered by Ether which can be thought of as a fuel. It is a form of payment made by clients to the machines that execute operations.


Ether is rather like an incentive to developers to produce amazing applications. People are rewarded for their endeavours and the network remains vital.


Why I’m buying Ether?


Even though Ethereum has increased significantly during 2017, I believe that its ascendance has only just begun. It has not come into main stream adoption yet, but when it does the gains could be huge.


Pushing towards mainstream adoption is thousands of applications in development; anyone of them could be game changers! Where will the price of Ether be then?


Take a look at Bitcoin which has a coin value roughly 20 times more than Ether. Then consider that there are roughly a third more transitions on the Ethereum blockchain compared to that of Bitcoin.


And the current growth is increasing upon that.


I would like to think that as Ethereum become more mainstream, then Ether could eclipse $1000 USD


In addition, Ethereum has the backing of major corporations such as Intel, J.P. Morgan and Microsoft.


Real world applications are endless and will only continue to grow.


For example, European aircraft maker Airbus is testing to see if its supply chain management can be shifted to a blockchain that relies on Ethereum.


Is Ethereum in a bubble?


There’s a lot of concern whether crypto currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin are in a bubble that will eventually pop. In my opinion, no they are not. And here’s the reason why…


Ethereum is a technology that revolutionises how business, finance, the internet (and many other areas) function.


It makes the implementation of decentralised applications significantly easier and that’s why it will succeed.




No one can predict the future, but I believe that Ethereum will be huge. It’s like a 22nd century technology in the 21st century.  It’s on the eve of its transcendence.


If you think you want to get involved in the future of technology, I encourage you to check it out – pick up a few coins and join the ride. Not sure how, then check out my guide.


And that’s it from me. If you found anything of interest in this article, please use the buttons below to share this post!


Over and out.


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