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The GG International Initial Coin Offering. A Sure Bet?

by Crypto Coin Dude
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GG International

Sponsored – GG International is a blockchain based lottery platform that aims to be the biggest lottery game and lottery show ever made.

That very ambitious objective stems from the fact that the company already develops and provides white label lottery software to various national lotteries. This software going by the name of WhiteLotto. To strengthen and back this point, GG International’s experience is not based on 5, 10, or even 15 years of experience, but rather being in business more than 25 years.

That very specific brand of experience has given GG International the confidence to take on this mammoth task which it plans to achieve with its well-laid out strategy.

What Does GG International Plan to Do?

GG International is aiming to bring its 30 years of experience from the lottery industry to the new space of blockchain. However, it’s much more than the very plain case of “out with the old, in with the new”.

Instead of completely purging what it has built in the last three decades, the firm plans to leverage the experience from that infrastructure into building its blockchain platform. That is why, it would still be operating WhiteLotto on the side while focusing on this new business of blockchain in an optimal manner.

The purpose of doing this is to ensure that it just doesn’t become another member of the flock of those companies that gave up all they had and burned their bridges just to join the blockchain industry, only to find out that it didn’t offer what they were looking for.

Instead, GG International knows exactly what it wants. What its potential customers desire. And how to strike the perfect balance between delivering on both fronts in the conventional and blockchain industries.

GG International and Its Blockchain Platform

Utilizing its lottery industry experience, GG International plans to launch a blockchain platform on the Ethereum blockchain. By doing so, it intends to bring transparent lottery operations to the digital world in order to operate in a new and innovative manner but with the same regulatory compliance, quality and delivery of services.

Its lottery operations will be based upon the same structure as its conventional software, which looks like this on one of the platforms where GG International provided its services earlier.

The platform will run government-regulated lotteries on a worldwide scale, where the draw would be based upon Ethereum’s smart contracts. This would ensure that everything runs without a bias and with a decentralized approach.

The lotteries that will be shared on GG International’s platform will be available for investments through its native token, GGCoin (GGC).

GGC will be an ERC20 token that will be the main means of value on the GG International blockchain. The token will be available for purchase first through its pre-sale and then its crowdsale event, the former of which is currently live (at the time of writing).

Token holders will receive quarterly dividends based upon the amount that they have invested into the GG International lottery, which will be directly correlated to the amount of GGC tokens that they own. These dividends will be shared with all GGC token holders upon every jackpot rollout, and will come from the company’s revenue generation through the event.

This negates the ambiguity about how GGC will be providing profits to its clients, which is very important in this day and age of fraudulent initial coin offerings (ICOs). Many potential projects claim to provide the world to their investors without actually giving them any clarity on how they are going to make those promises come to life.

The dividends and their distribution have been explained by GGC in its whitepaper in a detailed manner.

Similarly, the dividends calculation is defined in a very easy to understand way through the white paper for interested investors. If you are willing to give GG International’s solutions a shot, then going through its comprehensive yet easy to digest whitepaper would be a good way to go.

About GG International’s Team

One thing that sets GG International apart from the many ICOs out there is the proficiency of its team. The project has Mark Hutchinson as its president and CEO, who has been a well-known figure in the lottery industry.

Hutchinson alone boasts 35 years of experience in the lottery industry and has been associated with the popular Kansas Lottery program. He is a founding member of Lotto America, which went on to be world’s largest lottery game, Powerball.

Along with Hutchinson, the rest of the team at GG International also seems pretty capable of pulling off their assigned tasks. Wojciech Łysak, GG International’s founder and expert in international solutions has also been active in the online gaming industry since no less than 15 years.

The other key members of the team also bring significant experience to the table, which makes GG International’s team a powerhouse offering for an ICO that is trying to achieve a massive feat of becoming the world’s biggest lottery to be played and watched by people all around the globe.

Can GG International Achieve Its Objective?

If GG International does attract the kind of investors that would be willing to provide it with significant funds in return for just as significant of benefits in dividends, then it could certainly achieve the kind of traction that it deserves.

With its promise of fully decentralized lotteries, transparent models of execution, a global lottery TV show through the blockchain, and explainable dividends, the project does have what it takes to be successful. The team has demonstrated real world experience and has deployed lotteries in the past.

When you couple that observation with the fact that GG International has been on par with achieving its goals as laid out in its roadmap, then it only strengthens the confidence that one can have in the organization.

See their video walkthrough of how it all fits together below:

With the pre-sale currently live and the overall ICO event including the crowdsale to end by February 28, 2019, GG International is not that far from achieving fruition.

The company has already proven itself by the products that it has developed for other solutions over its years of operation. It seems like a sure bet.

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