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Is Trade.io the next big cryptocurrency?

by Crypto Coin Dude
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This week I’m going to review a new ICO play which I feel is a great opportunity get in at the ground level on exciting blockchain play. If you are looking for your next investment opportunity, then check out Trade.io for a top pick.



Trade.io is a new blockchain trading platform that is looking to disrupt the current financial ecosystem.


What is Trade.io about?


Trade.io is a next generation financial institution based on blockchain technology providing security and transparency. Utilising the power and transparency of the distributed ledger, trade.io is seeking to:


• revolutionize asset trading and investment banking
• supports a more efficient and secure method of through listing assets in the crypto economy, using the trusted record keeping


Ultimately, trade.io will be a trading and financing platform for more than just crypto assets. It will also offer Forex and CFDs over precious metals, oil, commodities, indices, global equities, to name just a few!


Offering more than 120 products at launch, trade.io will have the capacity to trade any number of assets.


It is the variety of asset classes why I think the this ICO is a great play and I have been hustling hard to accrue tokens at an early stage of its development.


The Trade.io Token


If you decide to get involved, then you will be buying trade tokens. So what makes these tokens special?


• The token is a utility token used to trade a variety of assets on the platform
• Receive daily payouts to your trade.io wallet in flat and crypt
• Tokens give you access to the liquidity pool which means you profit share on its success

Who’s backing Trade.io?


Sometimes I judge an ICO on whether it is backed by industry players. Trade.io is already backed by FOREX and regulated brokers. Additionally there are a number of companies who intend to ICO or IPO on their platform. See below:

Trade.io partners

Couple this with a cutting edge architecture and technological footing, then you’re onto a winner. I particularly like how they will be embracing the Raiden Network which in itself is looking to scale Ethereum up to new heights.


All in all, this is an exciting opportunity which I think you should check out. Head on over to their website www.trade.io or their announcement thread over on Bitcointalk to be part of their journey.

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