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TrueGame reviewed: Blockchain meets Igaming

by Crypto Coin Dude
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Hey dudes. It’s been a while since I reviewed any ICOs. I’ve been pouring over many opportunities, but I’ve been struggling to find a decent ICO shot which has a chance. As we know, many ICOs have launched on exchanges and gone below the ICO price. It’s getting harder to find the ones to give us the best return. Then I happened across Truegame – and I’m going in on this one. Read on to find out why.


What is Truegame


Truegame is an I-gaming platform which has a working product and currently has players taking part in more than a dozen online games (scratch cards, prize draws, lotteries, gift boxes).


They have been in the market place since 2017, putting in the hard-graft: gaining players, marketing, and securing a gambling license. Now is the time when Truegame are going to scale and expand. The potential is huge.


Check it out below:



Why Blockchain?


I think Truegame have been very clever using blockchain to take their platform to a new level. Consider the problems  inherent in the industry in particular, lack of transparency and unfair outcomes for the player.


Truegame have solved these problems by having their game algorithms and random number generation open for users to view. Their codes are available on GitHub. Both the game and the distribution of the winnings occur in the independent environment of the blockchain.


Smart contracts control the outcome and all players can track winnings and potential jackpots. As a punter myself, I know the gambling industry could be massively disrupted by blockcahin: no longer do you have to hand over your money and put your faith in a non-transparent platform that has no interest in you doing well.


For the player this disruption will be a massive draw: for the providers blockchain tech in the gaming space the prize could be huge. Why not Truegame?


What I like about Truegame


I like the team behind this one. They have a range of experience and skills; and most importantly they have sector experience. They are seasoned professionals that I hope will get the job done and push this one over the line. When the ‘chips are down’, the only thing standing between you and winning or losing in crypto is the platform’s team’s professionalism: are they up to the task? Have they got vision? Have the got the acumen? And from my analysis, I would feel safe as I can be… that’s why I’ll be putting my Eth into this one.


Like I already mentioned, the transparency of the platform is a key feature which could send this one global. As they scale and develop the platform, the use of smart contracts and blockchain technology could make this a widley adopted . And if this happens, then we have a moon-shot on our hands.


On their site, there is mention that holders of their tokens are paid a commission from each ticket sold. I like this model as it rewards the early adopter.


There’s many things to like about this one and every review I read on it is very bullish about it’s prospects… and I’ve read them all. It consistently scores high on all the ICO review sites.



In conclusion, I think True game could be a winner. It has the potential to be one of the big contenders in a sector which is capital rich and has explosive upside potential. Consider the future if they got into online poker and developed that way… now that really could be something. This is one to get into and hodl, so I’m on this one.


If you want to join me, please check it out – visit their website here

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